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This website is intended to provide useful information about electrical power system testing and engineering, for low voltage (<600V), medium voltage (2kV-65kV), and high voltage (>65kV) AC and DC systems. It will allow you to benefit from decades of concurrent experience in power system switchgear and protection field testing, design, analysis, and engineering.
From engineering analyses such as Short Circuit, Coordination, Device Evaluation, Arc Flash, Load Flow, Motor Starting, Transient, Harmonic, Power Quality, NEC/Safety, EMF, and Insulation Coordination to switchgear testing reports, their results and recommendations, sometimes a maintenance supervisor or project manager may not know where to turn for information or advice.
Running a new electrical construction project or addition typically involves a written specification. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming to construct the correct specification, and to review the project to make sure the project was performed to 'spec'.
The name 'Manus Novum' is intended to convey (and is most certainly not a correct translation for!)  the phrase 'New Power' using Latin. 'New Power', in the multiple senses of  the many advances in electrical power systems technology and safety, and also the newly-available control that facilities and their managers have over their electrical systems.

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